With more time than ever being spent at home (and on screens!) as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, social media has become your new BFF!

As the world turns to online for a range of key help from essential work, food and medical needs, to creative projects, self-care, dining and human connection (to name a few), your social media presence has never been more important.

Many industries are finding themselves with a strategy move of online focus.  With shops such as Walmart reporting a 74% surge in online sales during the pandemic period. And with some twitter users shocked at the 200% increase in screen time on their iPhone, it’s time to get in place some ideas for how to make social media work for you and your customers…  and pronto!

For any company, within any industry, there is a platform to assist your needs. Whether you’re selling direct to consumers via Instagram, or need B2B help using Facebook Pages, Groups & Events.  Or, if networking is more your scene, then Linkedin can create an instant and professional connection.  These are just some of the ways to get started.

There’s no time like the present, so let’s get inventive!  Here’s our top 5 fundamental social media to-do’s, especially during the current climate:

  1. Move with the moment! Always be agile with your strategy.  Ensure you can engage quickly and freshly with your audience whilst attracting new customers.  Activity such as challenges, tone-friendly memes and educational content are some of the tactics that can be used to encourage discourse.


  1. Talk the talk! Whilst planning your strategy, find your tone to address your audience with authenticity.  Your followers will not only appreciate an appropriate conversational dialogue, but they may even be discouraged by anything less.  After all, social media is frequently the first port of call for a lot of people to trust and understand your business.


  1. Have a close-knit community! Use your audience to widen your reach and cast your net to find brand and person-specific pages with larger audiences, who can boost the confidence of your company.  Think about ways in which you can offer a taste of your product or service to your community or the chosen group of individuals with aligning values.


  1. Talk to your followers! Respond to comments & messages as a matter of urgency, as you would with calls & emails.  All in all, garnering a true, trustworthy community spirit.


  1. Want to take it further? Hone in on your organic content with advertising.  If you need to spread the word far and wide, advertising can be set up within hours and there are a range of available tools on all social platforms to accelerate your growth… cost-effectively and with speed!

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