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Certified in Remote Working

Remote working is on the rise in organisations of all sizes and in all industries.  Many companies and individuals appreciate the flexibility, reduced costs, and improved work life balance that remote working offers.


Health & Safety Essentials

With over 581,000 people injured in UK workplaces during the year 2018/2019, Health and Safety should be a priority for all responsible employers.

With our Health & Safety Essentials pack, we make it easy for you to get the fundamentals right. This pack is aimed at all levels of your team and will have an impact on how risks are perceived and managed.


Health & Safety +

In addition to our Health and Safety Essentials pack we offer this Health and Safety Plus+ pack which includes some of the more specialist subjects.

Suitable for those working with food or hazardous substances, these courses give detailed information on keeping staff and customers safe. These courses are also a must for team leaders, supervisors or managers that have additional responsibilities in fire safety or assessing risk.


Corporate Essentials

Our Corporate Essentials pack offers a range of courses aimed at educating team members to ensure your organisation is protected against key threats facing businesses today. Covering a range of topics from GDPR, online security, anti-bribery and modern slavery which are all important topics for business.

The topics in this course are often cause for confusion in organisations, but with our engaging e-learning, they can be easily understood by staff of all levels. Your team will understand the duties and obligations that they need to comply with in order to protect themselves, your clients and the organisation.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke package of more than 10 courses, please do not hesitate to contact us