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Our blogs provide the latest information and research on virtual assistance support and related matters, as well as new and exciting things happening within The Administration Hub.


Amazing Administration Achievement

The Administration Hub has been named in SME News’ Business Elite awards as Most Reputable Virtual Business Support Service, 2022 – London

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Successfully Assisting the Future

Constantly striving to provide a top-quality service and be the best in London’s virtual assistant space is The Administration Hub Ltd. Find out more about how it has won Best Virtual Assistant and Business Support Services Company 2022 – London.

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Admin Experts Secure Success

Administration does not get any easier, but often businesses require a bespoke solution to their support services. Read the full article here.

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Beyond the Zoom face

Remote working may be undermining the mental health of your team. Here are five ways to support your colleagues when working from home.

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Super Mum vs Career Mum: can you be brilliant at both?

So many of us face the dilemma of how to balance a successful career whilst also being a care and devoted parent – read the full article here.

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Your Business Magazine 2022 By James Caan

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With the increase in demand for flexible working, companies are now seeing a rise in requests from employees to apply for flexible working in their roles. Working remotely can offer the work life balance that is not always possible in the workplace, but you need to ensure you have the skills, knowledge, and discipline to…

Recharge For 2022

Reflecting on the year and working towards a better work-life balance by Amy Watmore, Founding Director of The Administration Hub. Running your own business is great most of the time, but it does have the downfall that it can be REALLY HARD TO SWITCH OFF! Do you ever feel that on occasions or more frequently…

The Working Parent: A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant

Being a parent and having a career can be challenging to balance; especially with remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you can relate to this – being a working parent, then meet Rosie, The Administration Hub’s Senior Team Manager, and a working mum of two toddlers. We sat down with her to learn…


After you’ve taken the time to create and grow your business, deciding who you let into it can be hard. Rather than recruit during uncertain times or do everything yourself – many businesses are looking to hire freelance support, such as a virtual assistant. But how do you ensure that you get the right fit…

6 Popular Business Tools that every VA should be using

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, it has become increasingly challenging to stay productive and focused. Whether managing time, clients’ expectations, work deadlines, home life, keeping healthy physically and mentally – the busyness of the day can tend to overwhelm even the most organised virtual assistant. Being awarded Best Virtual Assistants London 2021 & Best Virtual Assistant…

Five Ways to Take Control of your Work-Life Balance

Over the past year for many of us the line between home and the workplace has become increasingly blurred. This can be disconcerting with work encroaching on your home life and your home life distracting you from work. We’ve put together our top five suggestions to restore your work life balance, helping you to adjust…

2020 In Review

As 2020 draws to a close, many of us are ready to shut the chapter on this roller coaster year! Who could have predicted all the obstacles and challenges 2020 presented us with?  When the global pandemic (COVID-19) hit, it fundamentally changed how we viewed our world. Living through 2020 has forever altered our attitudes and behaviours as consumers, employees, employers, and humans. It…

An Administration Hub Exclusive: Our remote working online course is here!

The Administration Hub is proud to announce we have created a fully accredited e-learning course on remote learning, ready to launch right now. Our online remote working course is designed to help individuals stand out from the remote working crowd, and subsequently, give employers confidence in their remote teams. Riding the Remote Working Wave The number of people working remotely for some of…

Post-COVID Redundancies, the Beginning of an Outsourcing Office Culture?

Since lockdown measures have eased, the statistics show that redundancies have soared, and job vacancies have plummeted to an all-time low since records began. These figures have not been helped by a growing trend in using remote workers and hourly professionals instead of hiring directly. It might not just be a boom in remote working…