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We understand the questions, worry and stress that can come with making the decision to outsource your tasks and work with a virtual assistant. Therefore, we have covered most of your questions below, but if there is anything additional please get in contact and we will be happy to help and talk them through.

We appreciate that your business is precious, that’s why there is a huge element of trust that needs to be established and built with our clients working relationships.  We endeavour to do this right, so you can truly let go and concentrate on what is important to you.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Every client’s needs are different; therefore, the pricing depends on the level of administration you require.  This is predominantly broken down into 4 categories:

  • Low-level support
  • Mid-level support
  • High-level support
  • Project – where a set price is determined depending on your ad–hoc requirements

During the discovery call, we can assess your individual needs and create a bespoke quotation

Q: Is there a minimum retainer?

A: During the discovery call we assess your business needs, and we can assess together the volume of hours to best support you and provide a series of options for secured hours.  For the first two months we will create a log of all tasks carried out and the time they took by the minute.  We agree check point of hours for transparency and flexibility.  At the end of that period, we agree an minimum amount of hours to proceed with, allowing you to budget and to secure the capacity of your support member on-going.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: As a company we have Professional indemnity, Public liability, Employers liability and Cyber insurance.

Q: Do you work on-site?

A: We do work on-site if there is a requirement for it but it will be dependent on location, time and availability. This would be charged at a higher hourly rate and may incur expenses.

Q: What hours do you work?

A: We work within the requirement of our clients. For example, if there is an element of phone cover, this will be done within the normal weekly working hours of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, but other tasks not requiring client or customer focus may be completed out of hours to ensure we meet the deadline.

Q: How do you store your data?

A: We only use secure cloud-based systems to store ours and our clients’ work and information. We check bi-annually to make sure only current and relevant data is being held. As a company no data relating to our company or our clients are stored on hard drives

Q: How quickly can you start?

A: We ask for 10 working days from point of our contract and NDA being signed to commencement date.  During that period, we collate the information needed to support you and gain access to any relevant systems.

Q: How do you manage confidential data?

A: We produce an NDA and ask for this to be signed electronically; confidentiality terms are also written into our contracts, the support teams’ contracts and the NDA that they have to sign to work with us and our clients. We limit sharing confidential information to secure industry recognised cloud-based systems, which is then deleted when not required or at the end of a contract.  We appreciate and recognise the importance of good practice in all areas.

Q: What happens when my VA is off sick or on holiday?

A: At The Administration hub we pride ourselves on outstanding service.  During the first 8 weeks with your VA an Operations Manual is created and shared with yourself.  This Operational Manual ensures should in the event of your VA being on sick or on holiday for a long period if it is deemed necessary another VA can cover essential tasks, providing all year-round support; ensuring you are not paying for any absence, including sickness, holiday, carers leave, jury service and much more.

Q: How do we communicate?

A: We actively seek the best way to communicate with each individual or client.  This can include emails, audio/voice notes, text, CRM, communication boards, telephone, video calls and messaging. We work to establish the frequency of how and when you like to receive communications

Q: Can I increase or decrease my tasks and hours?

A: Absolutely! Decreasing and increasing work is fully supported by The Administration Hub. All we ask is for you to communicate with us and give us 4 weeks notice if hours are to increase or decrease significantly.

Q: Do I need any notice to stop the support?

A: We require a 4 week notice period for any monthly client after the initial fixed period of 3 months

Q: Am I tied-in to a contract?

A: At The Administration Hub, we pride ourselves on providing the best service and recognise it takes an initial commitment of time for your VA to learn the best way to support and help you with your business.   You will not be tied-in to any long-term contract, but we do ask with our agreement contract for an initial 3 month commitment.

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