6 Popular Business Tools that every VA should be using

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, it has become increasingly challenging to stay productive and focused. Whether managing time, clients’ expectations, work deadlines, home life, keeping healthy physically and mentally – the busyness of the day can tend to overwhelm even the most organised virtual assistant.

Being awarded Best Virtual Assistants London 2021 & Best Virtual Assistant and Business Support Services Company London – 2022! by SME News, we at The Administration Hub utilise various business tools, which have become a valuable and significant asset to our VAs’ work.  

We have compiled a list of our top 6 popular business tools that make our VAs as efficient and successful as they are!… And we want to share them with you to assist you personally and in your business!  

  1. Trello: Trello is one of the many productivity platforms that help to create a coherent space for you and your colleagues to organise and plan your tasks. Do you find your desktop and files are unorganised? With Trello, you are able to organise each file into sections. Is organisation your speciality?  The labels and colour coded headers make planning and organising so easy.
  2. OneDrive/Dropbox: Do you have lots of clients and information and nowhere to store it? It is important to keep your clients’ information safe and secure. Microsoft’s OneDrive can help you keep those important files in an organised manner. Don’t have a Microsoft laptop? Dropbox is simple and similar to OneDrive. Dropbox is a separate entity, which can be accessed through any electronic device, mobile phone or tablet and it can be accessed through a web browser or an application that can be downloaded onto your computer.* 

*Dropbox is free to use, however, there are paid plans to fit each businesses needs and extra GB storage packages for more space* 

  1. Toggl: Do you find that time slips away from you and that you cannot keep track of time spent on certain tasks throughout the week? If yes, then this platform is perfect for you. As virtual assistants, we work with many different clients and objectives, but our main objective is to help clients save time. Toggl Track is a perfect way to track hours spent on projects and with the app integrations seamlessly with Trello, Xero, and more – it will assist you in managing your time and client’s time wisely and effectively. 
  1. Zoom: Meetings, meetings, and more meetings! Does this sound like our lives since the pandemic started? Video calls have become our new normal and meeting with clients from all over the world has never been easier. The Administration Hub proudly services clients across Europe, Asia, and America and Zoom is the perfect asset with easy, secure and password protected scheduling of meetings. Zoom’s interface is effortless to use and creates a clear, strong platform for team and client meetings.  
  1. Later: Do you find that scheduling social media posts within all the different platforms is time-consuming and exhausting? Well, this platform is sure to be an asset to you as a virtual assistant. Later is a social media marketing scheduler that gives you the ability to set timed posts across multiple platforms. Later also notifies you when posts go live, and it tracks their engagement and overall social performance. It works with InstagramLinkedInFacebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to help you create cohesive and consistent social media posts for your brand – in advance.  
  1. Canva: Are you looking to create a professional and visually appealing social feed, online presentation, business sales documents, digital and print assets? Canva brings style and consistency to your presentations, media posts, and more! Marketing your business has never been so easy. Through Canva, you can design and style eye-catching marketing materials, which will help to create engagement with existing and potential clients. With tons of templates to choose from, you will be sure to find something that fits your personal and business needs.  

These business tools above have been important in our success as virtual assistants, and they could be advantageous for your personal and business needs too! If you need more information about any of the business tools, we have shared with you, each tool is accessible through the following links below. They are also free to try and can be upgraded to a paid plans to suit your business needs.