To understand the type of people and businesses that will hire a virtual assistant, you need to know the two overarching reasons why people hire these professionals.

Some virtual assistants are hired to help a business, while others are hired to enhance the lifestyle and personal life of an individual – aptly named as business or lifestyle support.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Business Purposes

The most common reason people will hire a virtual assistant is to help them with business tasks. Some responsibilities of a virtual assistant will not be industry-specific, and they could therefore be hired by any type of business, from a sportswear business and accounting firm to a construction company or an IT consultancy.

Examples of their tasks include responding to emails, admin, data entry and social media management – among many others.

Sometimes a virtual assistant will be hired into a company because they have knowledge of the business’s industry or specific qualifications. For example, they may work for a business as a sales representative because they have a glowing track record in telephone sales.

Do Only Big Companies Hire Virtual Assistants?

Bigger companies may have more finances to hire virtual assistants, but that doesn’t mean these professionals are not used by smaller businesses. In fact, smaller businesses may choose to use a virtual assistant because it is a cheaper and more convenient option than hiring a full-time employee.

By choosing a virtual assistant, smaller companies and startups can avoid recruitment costs and the time it takes to find the right worker. Not to forget that they only have to outsource to them when they really need it with shorter contracts.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Lifestyle Purposes

The second main reason people will hire a virtual assistant is to help them with personal tasks away from their professional life. However, it is often the case that by helping with personal lifestyle tasks, they indirectly help the individual free up time to concentrate on pressing business matters.

Lifestyle virtual assistants will usually be responsible for dealing with personal affairs. These could range from booking appointments, creating a personal schedule or organising flights and hotels.


Are Personal Virtual Assistants just for Rich CEOs and VIPs?

It is true that lots of rich and famous people use PAs and virtual assistants to help with their lifestyle demands. Yet, outsourcing lifestyle tasks is not exclusively for those that are exceptionally wealthy. Many professionals choose to employ a virtual assistant for shorter periods to help them get through a busy time.

Today, virtual assistants don’t have to cost the earth and they are not just for A-listers and movie stars!

Can I Hire a Virtual Assistant to Do Both?

It is possible to find one virtual assistant to help with business and lifestyle tasks. Sometimes tasks can overlap between both needs and using one professional is beneficial. The only consideration is the number of hours you expect the assistant to work each day in order to cover both sets of tasks effectively. In some cases, it may be better to hire two or more virtual assistants at once working shorter hours.


Where Can You Find a London Virtual Assistant?

The Administration Hub is your go-to place for a London virtual assistant. We offer a selection of virtual assistants that can cater to business and lifestyle needs. All our professionals have been fully vetted to ensure they have the experience and skills to meet client demands.

For more information on working with a UK virtual assistant, do not hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat!