Certified in Remote Working

£79.00 (incl. VAT)

This course is for organisations and/or individuals who are looking for their employees to work from home as part of their role or for an individual who is preparing to, or are working, from home and requires the understanding of what the expectations are from an employer or client. This certified and accredited 13 module course will enhance skillsets and provide confidence to employers, clients and themselves. Plus, with our downloadable resources, it provides valuable tools for the professional worker.

Once the course is completed successfully you will receive a certificate and logo confirming you are certified in remote working for use on your signature, website or marketing material.



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With the increase in demand for flexible working, companies are now seeing a rise in requests from employees to apply for flexible working in their role.
As a company Senior member of staff, you need to set standards, at the same time as having the conviction that your employees are confident and proficient in working remotely and understand the expectations and requirements that home working brings.
This e-learning course will cover all the necessary categories to provide you with the confidence that if they achieve an 100% pass rate, they will have the knowledge, accountability and expertise to work remotely in a professional and secure manner.

Remote workers

Working remotely can offer the work life balance that is not always possible in the workplace, but you need to ensure you have the skills, knowledge and discipline to be able to deliver.
This e-learning course will provide you with vital information on everything from how to manage your time, liaise with Managers, security to your own wellbeing.

The certification will make you stand out from other remote workers and give your current or future employers/clients additional confidence in your abilities and professionalism.

Remote working is a skill that requires self-motivation, understanding, being able to prioritise, manage expectations and the ability to communicate with ease. Some people are better suited to remote/home flexible working than others and the trust and transparencies of working requires a professional relationship to be built on different level.

The following modules will be covered within the course content

  1. Communication
    • Method
    • Frequency
    • Availability
  1. Managing your time
    • Expectations
    • Flexibility
    • Distractions
  1. Time zones & communications
    • Time Zones
    • Arrangements
  1. Emails and calls
    • Main points to consider
    • Do’s & don’ts
    • Professionalism
  1. Physical and Mental Health
    • Environment
    • Wellbeing
    • Self-review
  1. Processes
    • The importance of processes
    • Adapting
    • Being organised
  1. Realistic Expectations
    • Times and deadlines
    • Working as part of a team
    • Review
  1. Working environment & systems
    • Workstation
    • Requirements
    • IT
    • Managing issues
  1. Security
    • Viruses and cyber threats
    • GDPR
    • Data processing
    • Accountability and best practice
  1. Recording your time
    • How to record time
    • Being accountable for your time
    • Variable hours
  1. Expenses
    • What could be classed a business expense?
    • Recording expenses
    • HMRC
  1. Performing your duties remotely
    • Set-up and preparation
    • Using your initiative
  1. Managing multiple Managers & Clients
    • Managing managers
    • Security

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