Our remote working online course is here!

The Administration Hub is proud to announce we have created a fully accredited e-learning course on remote learning, ready to launch right now. Our online remote working course is designed to help individuals stand out from the remote working crowd, and subsequently, give employers confidence in their remote teams.

Riding the Remote Working Wave

The number of people working remotely for some of the week was already on the rise. The recent pandemic and social distancing rules meant that employers had no choice but to allow remote working to almost everyone. But even now as social distancing slackens off, businesses are still allowing remote work because it is safer and affords benefits to all parties. 

Facebook and Google already announced that applicable staff can work from home for the rest of the year, with Twitter going one better and stating their staff can work from home for life. With this new working trend in full swing, it creates new working challenges – and a call for new relevant personal development techniques.  


The Challenges of Remote Working

Remote working may make your rush hour anger a thing of the past and cut costs for everyone, but it comes with new challenges, such as: 

  • Frequent distractions and less productivity 
  • Loneliness and mental health issues 
  • Overworking due to no set boundaries between personal and professional spaces 
  • Team management challenges 
  • Communication problems 
  • The need for mastery of new project management or conferencing software 

One of the most concerning problems with remote work is declining mental health. A recent article published on FN London found that some bankers are working from 8am until 2am each weekday because of remote working. This should concern employers just as much, as working patterns like this will cause job satisfaction to sink and staff turnover to rise.   


The Importance of Remote Working Skills

 These challenges facing remote workers and their employers create a demand for new working skills and personal development plans to tackles these issues. It is crucial to enhance remote working skills so that: 

  • Employees remain productive and profitable to the business 
  • Employees feel comfortable and confident in their role 
  • Managers learn how to lead their teams remotely 
  • Business processes transition easily with minimum disruptions 
  • Job satisfaction is maintained, and staff turnover is protected 
  • Employers maintain confidence in staff to allow remote working – and continue to cut business costs  
  • To keep your business afloat and avoid post-COVID redundancies 


Our Online Remote Learning Course

The Administration Hub realises that now is so important for businesses making the switch to long-term remote working. The next few months to a year can make or break the transition to working from home, meaning employers need to act now to stay ahead in their industry. 

That is why we prioritised the creation of an online remote learning course specifically made to help both workers and their employers. This is the first of a series of e-learning resources being developed by us right now. 

The remote learning course will include 13 modules that explore the key aspects of remote working and what will matter the most to your business. Our course is developed off the back of extensive research into remote working to ensure it makes a difference for all learners.  

The course is suitable for any worker who will be working remotely in some capacity. It is not specific to a profession and everyone can benefit from it as part of their personal development plan. 


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