Interested in hiring virtual assistant services? Curious to know how t
he process works? It’s a lot easier for you than you might think…

Whilst bringing new help into your business may seem daunting, the first step is very simple: email in with an enquiry or get in contact
with us through social media.

From here we can get in contact with you to arrange a discovery call, where we can discuss which services will best suit your business, brand and goals. This will only take between 15-30 minutes of your time.

This will give us the information needed to devise a bespoke quotation tailored to your short and long-term needs, built around your requirements & goals. Included in this are a few options for pricing and hours, to make sure we are working within your budget. If you have any worries at this point we can arrange another call to discuss options and answer any questions you may have.

We are friendly and want to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need it, we value communication above all else and is a cornerstone of virtual support.

With this established, there’s just a few more steps until we can truly start working with you towards your goals! Once you’ve confirmed with us you’re happy with the plan of action, we will then send you some important information and agreements, including a contract, a new client on-boarding form, an NDA for your confidence, security and reassurance as well as a deposit invoice. This will help us to lay out all of the groundwork needed to help allocate the right virtual support services to you.

This will then give us all the resources needed to place you with the perfect virtual assistant for your work! We place VA’s on what we believe are the most important values to a long term working relationship, such as skill-set, personality, capacity of time required and values. All our highly experienced team are exceptionally professional, competent and skilled and are overseen by Team Managers to ensure positive relationships and quality results.

With these sorted, we can now focus on the all-important steps needed to help turn your ideas into a reality. This will start out with an onboarding chat, where we can establish specifics such as the type of support required and the tasks you would like to prioritise. We ask client to allow up to 60 minutes for this, even though we have already started preparing behind the scenes from the onboarding form and discovery call information.

This marks the beginning of your working relationship with a virtual assistant from TAH, who will be onboard to help you with whatever support is needed. Weekly catch-up calls can be arranged to guarantee you feel supported and can you discuss ideas with your assistant. A complementary Operations Manual will also be provided to you so you feel comfortable with our system.

From here, should you need any extra support or advice we will schedule regular calls with you to discuss any queries or worries you have, and ensure you’re getting the best service possible!

We are forever flexible and fully appreciate what our clients needs, as we outsource 60 hours a month of admin to our team, and we have very high standards! When we finally decided to let go of some tasks in our business 2 years in, we quickly saw a 200% growth in business as we were able to concentrate where it mattered most to us, the business owners!

Whilst outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant can be a bold, scary step for many, we hope this breakdown simplifies the process and gives a little bit of insight about our operations.

Our key things to remember:
1.Communication is key with our clients, we value transparency and boast fast response times.

2.Your businesses goals are also our goals. Our virtual assistants share your goals to ensure we are working in your best interests.

3. Its important to understand and work within realistic expectations for your virtual assistant, we strive for the best but the best takes time and effort.

4. It takes between 4 to 6 weeks to fully trust and offload the tasks as well as find a routine. Just like taking on a new employee, you have to be patient in building a relationship.