With today’s modern age there are often a wide array of solutions to almost any given problem. Therefore when you’re looking into hiring outside help with your business, whether it be for admin, secretarial, compliance, social or digital support, the question “Why use a virtual assistant?” may come up. And that’s a good question, what are the benefits over a virtual assistant rather than a normal in-house one? How does this help you and your business? In this article we set out to help answer this question for you.

One of the key points to having a virtual assistant is that it saves your business money in the long run. Virtual assistants don’t require you to provide an office space or purchase any expensive equipment in order to get them set up. Hiring a virtual assistant can help protect your business as you avoid any long-term contractual tie-ins that could impede you with a regular employee as well as avoiding the HR costs and responsibilities.

Another incredibly useful point of taking on a virtual assistant is the variety of skills available. Similar to shopping, you may find a much larger selection of skills and specialities online in comparison to only looking locally. This means instead of just taking on someone who can just ‘do the job’, you can find someone who is truly passionate as well as experienced in the sector of work you are looking for.

Virtual assistants can also help on tasks that are not typical of a regular assistant, they are great at helping your business grow using a wide variety of methods. You could assign someone to deal with incoming inquiries as well as dealing with client emails and phone calls. With a friendly voice behind your communication lines and quick response times to queries, clients feel respected and cared for. Virtual assistants are great at being able to grow your brand presence online. Having someone create and schedule content whilst making the best use of social media algorithms can really help bring your business page out to the masses, whilst attract potential clients and improving your brand image.

Here at The Administration Hub, our virtual assistants bring a professional but personal impression from first contact and help build deeper relationships with clients. Along side this they bring order and routine to your business. Virtual assistants are easily contactable via Email or phone, we value communication above all else so you can rest assured that your message will be read, worked on and replied to in a timely manner. With a skilled virtual assistant in your arsenal, you can give your business and your clients all of your attention.

Overall virtual assistants are highly reliable and experienced people with a range of skills that cover a variety of jobs, being able to assist your business with any tasks or ad-hoc work, helping to keep your schedule clear so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. Virtual assistants can help grow your business with skills outside of what is expected of a typical assistant. They offer unrivalled benefits and are an essential tool to any business’s toolkit.

Contact us and we will provide virtual assistants that will be personalised to your business to ensure we deliver your vision and goals perfectly. We understand it can be daunting to outsource aspects of your business. But in our direct experience, It is an essential step for any growing business looking to streamline their work and increase their reach with customers.