If only!

Imagine the possibility of a support hub, that during the working month could pick up tasks where you don’t necessarily have the staff readily available to do so! These could be tasks such as credit control, proof reading, diary management, project support, event organisation, travel arrangements, finance support, customer liaison, feedback and engagement support and recruitment!

  • Your team are happy as the extra workload isn’t landing on their desks and work is more manageable, therefore creating a better work-life balance and company morale for all.


Well………. That is something we have been making a possibility for years, at the all-encompassing The Administration Hub. A virtual company providing seamless support on a freelance basis to be seen as an extension of your team. Having thoroughly fine-tuned our business offerings and processes over the last 7 years, we are quick to get to grips with a variety of tasks that crop up either ad-hoc or routinely.

The recurring problem!

  • Every task is important and adds to the successful operation of your business but certain tasks, can too often be put at the bottom of the pile to work on later. For example, credit control, which is highly important for a business’s cash flow, may be overlooked by paying the team and supplier, or requesting customer feedback and follow-ups, which is then overshadowed by the new enquiries coming in. Repeat custom is just as important as new business.


  • You might need someone for as little as 8 hours per week, with the option to increase in months with a heavier workload, but how can an employed person work on that basis and feel invested and valued?


The Solution!

We know how! Work with us and see how easy this is to achieve and have the support of a dedicated person to support your business working seamlessly with your current structure and processes. Someone who comes with experience, quality-controlled support, a hub of knowledge behind them, and the ability to make things happen and give you extra support.


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